Synthetic Teak Flooring Products

Synthetic teak decking for boats

Permateek boat decking and flooring can be fitted to almost any surface including GRP, wood and steel. The boat decking’s flexible nature allows it to easily be shaped or contoured. It has a roughened surface that looks like natural grain and is an exceptional non-slip boat marine flooring, even when wet. It also incorporates sound-insulating benefits. Once fitted, Permateek will enhance any boat and yacht decks' appearance and value.

Permateek is highly resistant to sun, rain and seawater, and, when wet, its non-slip qualities remain equally effective. There are so many advantages to fitting Permateek synthetic teak decking to your boat that you will wonder why you have never done it before.


We offer a selection of 15 attractive boat flooring colour options which can be ordered with either white, silver or black caulking lines, giving you even more choice over the look of your new boat flooring.

To purchase your Permateek synthetic teak decking, find your nearest Permateek distributor or call +44 (0)1202 929098 for more information

White caulking

Silver caulking

Black caulking








MTC Weathered

New Classic







Our Permateek distributors can offer a quality DIY synthetic teak decking solution in the form
of pre-made panels. Permateek pre-made deck boards are a no-mess, no-fuss solution that will
save you both time and money! No glueing of planks is necessary as all boards are thermally
welded, thus reducing the possibility of cracking or becoming unfixed.

This quality marine boat decking solution is ideally suited to small DIY deck fittings such as
sugar scoops, cockpit areas, bathing platforms etc where the fitting is simple and easy. For
larger projects, such as entire decks, we suggest that you opt for a custom-made synthetic
teak deck with our Premium or First-Class fitting service. Demand the best with Permateek
marine composite floor boards.


Contact your local Permateek distributor and ask about pre-made panels for more information

A cost effective, DIY solution

Bespoke templated design process

Delivered straight to your door


First Class

(Full service)

Our distributors will handle everything from measuring and making the pattern of your synthetic teak decking through to fabricating your synthetic teak composite boards in their workshops and installing the finished deck on the boat. Nothing could be simpler.

There is very little “downtime” as we will only need a couple of days on the boat – one to pattern and one to fit. All other work is done off site, so you can continue to enjoy your boating season whilst your synthetic teak decking is being fabricated.

Contact your local distributor to enquire about our First Class service.


(Self Fit)

The Premium option ensures you receive a beautifully handcrafted synthetic teak deck, custom made with all your design specifications such as margin boards, snapes, bullnose or drop down steps, but allows you to fit the deck yourself.

Using the patterning kit, you simply send your chosen Permateek distributor the pattern of the synthetic teak flooring area required and they will handcraft your deck and send you your flooring.

To fit your deck, we recommend using single part Polymer adhesive. Simply glue in place and leave to dry


(Self Cut & Fit)

The most cost-effective way to benefit from beautiful Permateek synthetic teak decking is to purchase our rectangular pre-made Permateek panel. This requires you to cut them to shape using a Stanley knife or similar.

This task is well within the capabilities of an average DIY enthusiast. To fit your deck, we recommend using single part Polymer adhesive – simply glue in place and leave to dry

Please note that the DIY Service (Self cut & fit) does not allow for margin board or any custom designs.

Contact your local distributor to arrange a fitting or get in touch with the Permateek team:

+44 1202 929098
[email protected]

Care & Maintenance

One of the many advantages of choosing a Permateek synthetic teak deck is that it is easy to maintain. Permateek is made using Ultra Violet stabilised, outdoor grade PVC, unlike real teak it will not fade, crack, warp or need a rigorous maintenance regime to keep it looking good season after season. Below are some simple Do’s and Don’ts that will help you to keep your new synthetic teak flooring looking at its best. Read our teak boat decking maintenance tips below, or find more information on the Permateek Product Warranty.

How to clean the boat floor

Wash your synthetic teak flooring with soap and water. The perfect time to do this is after cruising when you are washing the boat anyway. Your normal boat wash detergent will be fine or a small drop of washing up liquid in the water will do the job equally as well. Should you spill any nasties on the deck such as diesel, acetone, concentrated bleach or paint, wash these off immediately. For greasy marks such as sun cream or food stains, hot soapy water does the trick.

For more ingrained dirt, pressure washing the surface can be very effective. You can also scrub the deck surface in the direction of the grain, using a scouring pad and hot soapy water.

Sanding synthetic teak flooring

Not for general maintenance but for bad scuffs or small burns such as those caused by a cigarette, or a stubborn stain that has been left to dry, the deck can be lightly sanded by hand with 40 grit sandpaper. This is also effective treatment when an area has worn smooth. Please make sure that when sanding your synthetic teak deck you follow the direction of the grain using short strokes. In some cases, sanding may make the area appear lighter in colour but exposure to sunlight or use of a heat gun on the area will blend the tone. Only sand by hand as using a power sander will warp the grain. If in doubt call your local Permateek installer.

The benefits of permateek



Built from planks of UV stabilised PVC

Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance

No regular wood sanding and oiling required - simply brush with soapy water

Limited Down Time

Limited Down Time

All fabrication work is carried out in our workshop prior to fitting.



Favourable pricing compared to real teak decking

Quality Craftsmanship

Quality Craftsmanship

High quality fabrication process of thermal welding to form synthetic teak deck boards.

Things to avoid

Incorrect shoes

Incorrect shoes

Black soles may leave marks and scuffs on the decking surface. We recommend wearing deck shoes whenever possible or even no shoes at all - it is non slip boat flooring even when wet. Also, avoid the use of high heeled shoes on the deck as they can scratch or dent the surface.



Such things as oil, varnish, paint, sealers and lacquers can harm the finish of your marine floor boards, much like they would a real teak deck, and must be cleaned as quickly as possible to avoid damage.



Make sure any furniture legs are padded with felt pads and never drag heavy items across the surface of your synthetic deck. The force of such actions could cause a permanent dent or scratch on the surface of your deck.

Hot Objects

Hot Objects

Don’t place hot metals or other hot objects on your synthetic teak decking. This can cause heat marks to emerge or even burn the surface of the deck, which can be challenging to remove without sanding the surface.