Why Choose Synthetic Over Real Teak Boat Decking?

Traditional teak boat decking is a popular choice for boats because of its aesthetic appearance. But is it worth the time and money? With Permateek synthetic teak decking, you get the good looks of real teak but with so many added benefits. Boats were originally constructed with teak because of its strength and robustness but as technology developed, builders found that composite GRP and plastic was much more effective. If real wood is no longer considered appropriate for the shell, why would it be for decking?

If you’re considering boat decking materials, use our guide to find out why you should choose synthetic teak decking over real wood:


The Benefits of Permateek


  • Lack of maintenance – Real teak boat decking requires bi-annual maintenance, involving scrubbing and oiling, which takes considerable time and effort – especially for a super yacht! Many of the larger boats will have to call in professional maintenance or hire a crew to care for the decking. Real teak also requires caulking between planks, which as the teak wears can be inconsistent and can spoil the overall appearance of the teak deck.


  • Permateek on the other hand is very easy to maintain and certainly won’t require a crew, just a pressure wash or brush with soapy water is all you need to keep your deck looking good. Permateek is made using Ultra Violet stabilised, outdoor grade PVC and has no caulking making maintenance a breeze.


  • Permateek does not fade, crack or warp – Solid teak is harder to source due to environmental reasons, which has led to a rise in price making it a less attractive option. Many boat builders have turned to teak veneers, but these have a very short life span as the thin teak veneer layer wears through. Both teak and teak veneer are likely to fade, crack, warp and wear with time, whereas synthetic teak decking will look good year after year.


  • Quick and easy to fit – Teak boat decking is often built and fitted on site which can be a slow and lengthy process. It is often fitted with glue and screws. Synthetic teak decking is quick and convenient often only taking half a day to make patterns, allowing the complete deck to be prefabricated in the workshop and then fitted in just a day or so. Permateek is fitted using only polymer glue which means zero holes in your boat!


  • Long lasting – Real teak and teak veneer has a limited lifespan. Permateek lasts over 15 years, with early decks still looking as beautiful 14 years later!


  • More cost effective – Real teak boat decking is expensive, from when its bought and fitted to on-going maintenance costs. Permateek costs up to a third of the price and requires no costly maintenance materials to keep it looking its best.


  • Beautiful appearance – Permateek synthetic teak decking for boats has the good looks of teak, and is available in over 30 different shade combinations. Whether you want your deck to look new or prefer a weathered appearance, simply find the ideal shade to match your preference and you can be sure that your deck will keep its true colour throughout, looking good year after year.

Permateek can be used on any size boat, from small boats to super yachts, and comes in colour shades that suit all boat types. If you’re considering Permateek and would like further information, please get in touch by calling +44 (0)1202 929098 or email [email protected]