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To help you get the best results when taking the DIY route, we have provided some instructions to make sure the process goes smoothly.

Pattern Making Instructions

This is the first step in creating a decking panel and is by far the most important. If the template is incorrect, the decking panel won’t fit. Have a look through this guide to help you get the best results.

Cutting Out Panels

Here is a great guide to have at hand when cutting and shaping a pre-made decking panel. This guide walks you through the steps of drawing your template onto the decking panel and explains how to get the best finish.

Deck Laying Instructions

This guide shows you how to lay and glue small pre-made DIY panels like an expert. Please make sure you have had a look through this if you plan to fit your DIY panel yourself as it can be quite an in-depth procedure. Large panels and complete boat decks would be adhered in a different manner, please seek further information from your local distributor.


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