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Fitting Options

The fitting options below are available through our authorised distributors: you can find their details on our distributors page.

First Class (Full Service)

We will handle everything from measuring and making the pattern through to fabricating your panels in our workshops and fitting the finished deck. Nothing could be simpler.

There is very little “down time” as we will only need a couple of days on the boat – one to pattern and one to fit. All other work is done off site so you can continue to enjoy your boating season whilst your deck is being fabricated. Our distributors will travel, abroad if necessary, to provide the First Class Service but, depending on your location, the Premium Service may be more suitable. Contact your local distributor to enquire about our First Class Service.

Premium (Self Fit)

The Premium option ensures you receive a beautifully handcrafted deck, custom made with all your design specifications such as margin boards, snapes, bullnose or dropdown steps, but allows you to fit the deck yourself.

Using the patterning kit, you simply send us the pattern of the deck area required (see patterning instructions) and we will handcraft your deck and send you your panels.
To fit your deck, we recommend using single part Polymer adhesive. Simply glue in place and leave to dry (see gluing instructions).

DIY (Self Cut/Fit)

The most cost-effective way to benefit from a beautiful Permateek deck is to purchase our rectangular pre- made panels. This requires you to cut them to shape using a Stanley knife or similar (see cutting instructions). This task is well within the capabilities of an average DIY enthusiast. To fit your deck, we recommend using single part Polymer adhesive - simply glue in place and leave to dry (see gluing instructions).

Please note that the DIY Service does not allow for margin board or any custom designs. Click here for more information about Permateek DIY Panels.

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